Bonus wave


From now on your activity in the game will be rewarded with Daily Bonuses. If you take your reward you will unlock even better ones. So don’t hesitate and collect your bonuses every day. You can get up to 7 hourly bonuses each day and one additional daily bonus.

How does the system works? Every day at 0:00 you can take your daily bonus. If you do that you will unlock the bonus for day 2 and so on until day 7. Once reached day 7 you will get that bonus each time until you miss one day or reset the bonus wave. The hourly bonuses would reset each day at 0:00 and start over. After you take the hourly bonus there would be a counter for the next hourly one.



bonus wave


Reset the bonus – This option would start over hourly bonus as well as the daily bonus. This would cause the timers to reset and next daily bonus will be available the next day and you will have to wait hours to be able to get the next hourly bonus.

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