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Easter campaign forum and ingame

safe_imageDuration 17 April 2014 – 27 April 2014

Easter Bonus Campaign

There will be a new item in the game called Easter egg. Players will collect that item after they win a fight against strong enemies. If you beat a player at your level you will receive 1 Easter egg  and for every level above yours, there will be 1 more Easter egg. From 20th of April there will be an option to buy Easter safes using Easter eggs with special prizes in them:

And what are the prizes? There will be 3 types of safes with great variety of existing cards in the game and special Fight Club items that cannot be bought anywhere else:

Miracle medikit – refills 100% life

Cryogenic medikit – refills 60% life

Big Bang cocktail – 40% damage on enemies

Fireworks cocktail – 30% damage on enemies

Pudding – increases your damage with 100%

After 22th April all Easter eggs and Easter safes will disappear but not the items that were won from them.

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