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Fight club enriches the gameplay of Street Mobster

If you like movies and stories about gangsters and you wonder what the life of this bad boys looks like and how they rise in the hierarchy of the mafia from the bottom up to the very top, you will probably like the free browser-based MMO game Street Mobster. In Fact, it is very likely that you are already familiar with this interesting title, which has been online for whole 7 years now, played by over 4 000 000 users worldwide, because it has been translated in 23 languages and it can obsess you quite easily, because it does not demand an installation – all you need is to register and the game begins.


The chances that Street Mobster becomes even more popular are also quite good, because the developers at Big Mage Game Studios are constantly improving the gameplay. The most fresh innovation, which they report about, is the so called fight club – a multiplayer animated mode, where the players confront each other in a common arena, where they control their character and to influence others, using various options in real time.

BGMafia game fightclub

The next planned optimization will be about developing the gangs in the game. According to the developers, the gang battles are held in an animated arena in real time, as the players will be able to affect each other during the battle. The upgrade of the gangs will feature a gang building and conquering territories.

In case you are still not familiar with the game Street Mobster, here is a brief summary of the main idea:

As a new gangster you begin the game from scratch – you are a criminal, who just got out of prison, you have just a little cash in your pocket, but infinite opportunities in front of you. You get control over a street, where you take your first steps in the criminal world, attacking everyone who gets in your way and doing some petty crimes. After you get enough experience and confidence and you reach the required level, you will have the possibility to attack other gangsters and to earn even more experience, money, respect and special cards and items. This way you will go up the rankings and everybody will notice you and begin to conform with you. In order to have advantage in the battles, you can equip various items, which increase your chance of winning. Items like guns, cars and dogs affect every battle. By gaining experience, you upgrade your level and each subsequent one, you receive a chance to develop your own skills, as you have a choice which skills you’ll give prominence to.

BGMafia MMO game

It is important to keep track of your indicators for life, stamina, heat and toxication, unless you want to end up in the hospital or in prison, where you’ll have to spend a few hours, being not able to play. In the course of the game you will be able to build buildings on your street and you will be able to sell their production and make money.  Little by little you develop your empire and become a millionaire. The game itself is as much gangster as it is economic – with a bit flair, initiative and a certain amount of risk you can earn very well from transactions with other gangsters on the black market.

Important source of income are rackets – they bring you a steady daily income. You can racket businesses, which has not been racketed before, or you can deprive rackets from other players and win new territories. You can play by yourself or form a gang. This way you’ll have somebody to watch your back and to help you in the struggle for supremacy.

BGMafia MMO game

For the fans of fun and gambling, the game offers a chance to play in a virtual casino, where you can play Black Jack or roulette. And while having fun, you can win a dollar or two. In fact the earnings in Street Mobster are not only virtual, because besides the interesting gameplay, the game also offers many prizes – starting from smaller ones, all the way up to PSP, PlayStation 3 and iPad 4 devices. There are also prizes for the active players, who just want to have fun in the game.

And of course, it is important not to forget that this is just a game and having fun is what matters the most in it.

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