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How to prevent ourselves from a communicative ban?

prison_bannedUsers often get a communicative ban penalty and they begin to ask why, without being aware of the causes that can lead to penalty. That is why it is good to know what are the most common reasons we could get a penalty for and try to avoid them:

1. Advertising a lottery

You could get busted for advertising a lottery if:
1/ You advertise in Trade – this is a place for exchanging ressources, for doing business, not for advertising
2/ Most people don’t have credits for advertising in the newspaper and they spam in the prison chat – a penalty is given if you add text to the ad, which describes the current turnover or if you write a specific amount of money. Phrases like turnover, low or negligible are interpreted as misleading and are penalized
3/ The rule for announcing the turnover is also valid for the newspaper, you are a subject to penalty if you add a text that is misleading in this respect.

2. Insulting a player

It is penalized in the following situations:
1/ Letter to another player with offensive or unacceptable text, according to the normal speech etiquette
2/ Swearing or insulting in the game chats
3/ Insulting ad in the newspaper
4/ Announcing a personal offer in Trade with a offensive comment

3. Attempted fraud, in milder cases when a last resort is not necessary, the player is punished by a communicative ban; attempted fraud in Trade by misleading texts intended to deceive the other party.

The most common penalty for each offense is 1 day. Penalties are cumulative. In the case of frequent violations, a greater punishment may be enforced, as also at the discretion of the team, depending on the current offense.

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