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iPad mini – it can be yours!

67949_471535499570217_1493087567_nThe campaign with prize IPAD mini is active util 1st of December. All players that use one of our premium features in the Premium features menu from until the end of 1st of December will be in our list that will be publicly shared in a google docs file so that everyone can check the drawing of the winner. Each premium feature used in the Premium features menu will generate a list of players that used it during the campaign (25 November – 1 December) . There will be 13 different list of players. Each list will be with one of the extras in the menu. And all players in that list will be players that used that premium feature during the campaign. After the end of the campaign we will automatically draw 2 random numbers that will be used to determine the winner. The first number will define which Premium feature will be the lucky one. Only players in the lucky extra list can have chance to get the prize. The second random number will be the number of the winner from that list. The winner will get our prize iPad mini.
Example: if you have used Left hand premium feature and your number in the list of people that used Left hand is 25, then you will be in the Left hand users list as number 25. If we draw 13 as the premium feature number then you will be in the winning list. Then when we draw the second random number and if it is your personal number (i.e. 25) ,you will be our winner and get our prize – iPad mini.

There is still time to take part in our campaign!

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