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A look into the life of a Staff Member

“Can I be Admin?” This is a question I often get asked, and I’d like to answer that straight away by saying no, you cannot be Admin by asking. This post is going to explain what its like to be a staff member, our roles, responsibilities, pros and cons, how I got to where I am today, and generally what its like to be a staff member. Now, there this a lot to talk about, and I’m sure most the staff will agree with me when I say the job isn’t as easy as it looks. Firstly, I would like to start with what I do within the game and how people can find me. My user is Rhys, and you can find me by searching for that username. What is it I do? I’m the Server Team Leader. I’m in charge of staff members. Some of my duties are: Making sure staff are active, doing their job correctly, report bugs to developers, help players, being the main link between developers and players, resolving disputes between players and staff (sometimes even between staff and other staff).

Now, lets step back a moment and talk about where everything began for me. I started of as a Chat Moderator 5 years ago. The way I got this position was applying while recruitment was open, this is how some of our Team Leaders pick new chat moderators even these days as its an effective way to find out who wants to help out. From here on, I took it as my job, along with a few others who had been picked, to monitor the chat and enforce the chat rules. Doing so I did make some friends, but also some enemies. As months went on, I slowly worked my way to Submod, Moderator and SubAdmin where I staid for around 6 months. Soon after starting a new season I was given a promotion to Admin, where I have staid for around the last 3 years, becoming the UK / US Team Leader around 2 and half years ago and Server Team Leader around 1 year ago.

I mentioned other staff ranks in the paragraph before this and I would like to take some time to list them and their responsibilities starting from the lowest:

  • Chat Moderator: These players moderate the chat, muting players who break the chat rules while still being allowed to play the game.
  • SubMod: These members are Moderators-in-training, they help with support tickets and are able to give short term bans to players who break game / chat rules. They are not allowed to play the game.
  • Moderator: Like the name suggests, these players moderate the game, providing support to players, monitor avatars uploaded, messages sent and players using multiple accounts. They are not allowed to play the game.
  • SubAdmin: While only being a SubAdmin, these members are highly knowledgeable and can help with nearly all situations and are highly trusted staff members. They are not allowed to play the game.
  • Admin: The Admin rank is reserved for Team Leaders and BigMage Studios employees. They manage staff members, generally being the team they are assigned to, as well as carry out the job that all the previous staff members have to do.
  • ROOT: This staff rank is reserved for BigMage developers and high employees. Generally they will not carry out the job that Chat Moderator – Admin’s will do, however they can add and remove staff if they feel its needed.

Now you know a bit more about the staff ranks, lets talk about some pros and cons.
Pros of being staff: You get a good feeling within yourself that you are helping the game, you get to work with people from all around the world and learn about different cultures, you build a great knowledge about the game, you can make some good friends.
Cons of being staff (SubMod+): You are not allowed to play the game (including on a second account), you may need to ban a friend, you need to dedicate many of your personal hours into the game, you are not allowed to take sides in an argument even if its involving a friend.


Due to this being a long blog post, I would like to leave this here. However, if you have any questions feel free to message me in-game. If you liked reading this, and would like to read more, then either leave a comment or message me with things you would like to know about or questions you may have. If I get a big response from the readers / players, then Ill try to make this type of post a regular occurrence.

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