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New Season

Welcome to a new season of StreetMobster

This season of the EU server will be version 5.0 and as such, come with many updates. We would like to welcome the Polish, Brazilian and Turkish communities joining the EU server.

The changes in version 5.0 are:

1. New cool User Interface and new skin of the gate of the game. There is even an option to switch between the old skin and the new one.
2. Players will get stats (strength, intellect, sexappeal) when they beat players. The higher level the victim is the more stats the winner gets. There will be a bonus that will add additional stats if the victim is online. At the same time the victim will not use any stats.
3. Gang HQ (Headquarters) – This is a gang building that will give bonuses to the gang members. It can be built from the gang menu. The gang HQ will determine the list of gangs that can be attacked. One gang can only attack a gang at its own HQ level. Each level of the gang’s building will give bonuses to the members of the gang but if a member leaves the gang he will automatically lose those bonuses. Each HQ level will open an option to get additional member’s slots.
4. Gang wars – if a gang defeat another gang it will loot some of the resources in the vault of the losing gang – you can loot money and connections and the number of resources you will get depends on your gang vault and the vault of the loosing gang.
5. Grenades – when someone successfully attacks you with a grenade you lose 6% of your stats temporarily for 6 hours. The extra Iron Curtain will avoid successful attacks with grenades against you.
6. A new boost Boxing Belt will increase your stats with 6%.
7. Doing a job will no longer affect the other game play features. Players will not be restricted to wait until the job is done to perform all the other actions in the game. A new premium feature is added to finish the job instantly. A new anti bot system is implemented that will prevent using bots for that option. While being in a gang you will receive more connections for your work and some of them will be deposited in the gang’s vault.
8. All cards in the game will be limited to 20. If a player earn a card and he already has 20 of that type, he will lose it.
9. Private casinos – now you can build your own casino. Feel the experience to be a big gambling magnate.


We hope everyone has a pleasant time on the EU server and the new communities feel at home.

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