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St. Valentines promotion


The St. Valentines promo will have 2 phases.

Phase 1: From 10th February to 14th February.

In the first phase players will collect golden bullets. There are several ways to collect them:

1. If you beat a player at your level you will get 1 bullet. If the player you’ve beaten is higher level, you will receive more bullets. For example if you’ve beat a player that is 1 level above yours, you will get 2 bullets, and the higher the level is, the more bullets you will get
2. In Fight club the winning team will get 3 bullets and the team that lost will get 1 bullet

Phase 2: 14th February to 19 February

Players will be able to buy special safes that will have some Valentine boosts in the Fight club:
Love Bomb Love Bomb – it will inflict damage of 30% and prevents the hit enemy to attack for 8 seconds
Magical Wine Magical wine – recovers 90% of the players health in the fight club
There will be many cards as rewards too.

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