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Staying Safe on Streetmobster

How to stay safe on StreetMobster

Firstly, I would like to make clear that only players with Gold Stars or A Hammer are staff members, here are the following icons for staff


Staff members can be identified with the following ranks: Chat Moderator, Sub Moderator, Moderator, Sub Admin, Admin, ROOT, Developer. Anyone claiming to be staff that doesn’t have one of these titles is probably lying. If a user asks you to add them on a messaging program or asks for your email to give you free items, please report them instantly so our staff can deal with them as fast as possible or you risk loosing your account.

Some users will ask for personal information that they may use to get into your email account or game account so don’t share to much information with people. Remember to have strong and secure passwords that are not easily guessable and don’t use the same password for any two websites.


If you have any problems with another user, you can either report them within the message, or contact the Support Desk at the bottom of the page and a staff member will deal with it as soon as possible.


Remember, stay safe and happy gaming.

~Rhys – Support Administrator

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