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StreetMobster v5.3

– Beating quest bosses will increase players risk with total of 10 instead of 100 risk.
– New fragments for factory researches can be found every 30min.
– Factory research time is now 60min instead of 90min.
– The time to get a new battle point is increased from 5min to 8min.
– The time for which a player is hidden from attacks after being beat by another player is changed from 10min to 5min.
– Beating an agent will give you as much stats as you will get if you defeat its owner.
– The “Put in hospital” tournament is back in the game.
– Winning a fight against other players will give 2x XP.
– The Apprentice skill XP bonus is increased to 5% per level.
– Promotional boosts won’t stack with Champions belt boost. In fact if you have promotional boost you won’t be able to buy Champions belt boost.
– The Scientist extra cost is lowered to 50 credits per 30 days and 3 credits per day.
– Beating NPCs won’t give the player any stats or money if he is level 60 or higher.
– When arrested you will be in jail only 30min instead of 3h.
– Avatars have new prices and are divided in different categories – Free, Premium, VIP.
– In profile settings players can choose if they want to receive e-mails form the game for promotions or not.
New options:
– In the Cars, Dogs and Guns factories players will be able to unlock items for production even if they don’t have the required level. The highest item they can unlock will equal the level of the player with most experience in the game.
– In the Cars, Dogs and Guns factories is added new option called Data Base. With its help players can transfer researches between their own factories and save their progress even if one or all of their factories get destroyed.
– Easier game registration – write down your gangster name and you are in the game – no password of e-mail requirements. After you are in the game you can set up your password and e-mail anytime you wish.
– At the start of the game most of the game menus will be locked and will require certain level progress from the player to be unlocked.

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