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Tips and Tactics to won tournaments II

Tips and Tactics to won tournaments II


> This article is for a newbie players , veteran members can have another strategy but is interesting to read it. First , on the game we have 9 different  tournaments. For all this tournaments you need 1 except Drag Race and Dog Race that cost 2 .Important for all this tournaments to won it you must have time to dedicate on the game.

Today Tips and Tactics to won :


Very very important in this tournament is to have a good tactic. Before you begin the tournament we will activate the extra Battle Fury :Get 4x battle points! And let it load points. The important thing is to get before they start the tournament 200/200 battle points. Another tactic is to have cards  +1 / +3 / +7 / +10 battle points.When the tournament start you only have to attack and attack its simply yeah. Good luck.

Prison break

This tournament does not have great difficulty in order to win. For me is one of the tournaments easier. Important is to have many cards  or time to dedicate to the game. Each time you enter and leave you’re adding a +1 point. It is very simple that the more points you have more chance to win.



jointheriotThere are 4 ways to get out of jail. The three you will add +1 point in the tournament.

1. Escape immediately. Here a lawyer. Price 1 credit.

2.Use a card. Use Get out of  jail

3.Bribe the guards. Use contacts to bribe the guards you can bribe with connections. And you have 30% , 50% , 70% possibility to leave the jail.

4.Join the riot. Riot will starts when more than 30% join the riot.

Good luck.







The tournament takes place only if at least 10 players are signed up.



Good luck for all. Soon I will make another article Tips and Tactics to won tournaments.

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