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Tips and Tactics to won tournaments

Tips and Tactics to won tournaments


> This article is for a newbie players , veteran members can have another strategy but is interesting to read it. First , on the game we have 9 different  tournaments. For all this tournaments you need 1 except Drag Race and Dog Race that cost 2 .Important for all this tournaments to won it you must have time to dedicate on the game.

Today Tips and Tactics to won :

Strength and Imagen Intellect tourney:

-These two Tourney are similar so I we will put together.

Important one day before the tourney starts ,buy Premium Features – Trainer Get 4x fitness points and Mentor Get 4x school points and let the training points rise to the maximum 24/24. The cause of all this is simple, have an advantage once I began the tournament.Once the tournament started, we will attack and try to level up. When you level up you receive some Strength and Intellect points. Example:

lvlup 2

This is the example for lvl 41 , but the higher the level then more you receive. So basically what we should do is raise points without stopping. Another method to raise points Strength or Intellect is using also cards , you can buy it on Contrabandist.




School Points +10 and Fitness Points +10 cost  10. And you can buy 10 cards at week(7days). Also fighting with another gangsters you have chance to won some cards. So fighting is important too. And you can use too Refill School/Mentor Points before the tournament ends to won more points.  If you respect all this I am sure you can won the tourney.

The tournament takes place only if at least 10 players are signed up.



Good luck for all. Soon I will make another article Tips and Tactics to won tournaments.




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