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Version 5.4 changes

These are the following changes in StreetMobster Version 5.4

– New daily bonus on 1st login – 50 consumables from each type.
– New menu – Polls. In there players can see all active polls and also they can change their vote if they want so.
– Voting in polls will be rewarded.
– At the start of the game (on the very 1st login) old players can change their nickname once for free.
– Double attack chance (luck) is removed from player’s skills. Now every player starts with 0% chance.
– Added a new bonus – lucky charm. It gives you 15% chance to perform a double attack in your next 10 battles. The only way to get it is to win fights versus other players.
– Days of Health, Doctor, Escape, Builder, Energy and Life are removed from the game.
– New days are added to the game – Day of sexapeal – hookers give 2x more sexapeal and Day of manufacturer – goods production is 2x cheaper.
– Day of fight is changed. Instead of giving 2x more cash from fights it will give a card for every won fight no matter the level difference between players.
– Prices for producing weapons, dogs and guns in factories are rescaled. In general producing this types of goods will be cheaper.
– Bar lotteries have a new formula to determine the winner of the lottery. Hopefully this will make cheating in lotteries much harder.
– Added a search option for goods in the Auction.
– Police officers will no more receive 2x more heat when beating other players. Same applies for the players who attack police officer.
– BIG DISSCOUNT in some game prices! Weapon prices in the Contrabandist are lowered. Prices in credits and connections for weapon upgrades are lowered. Prices in credits for factory upgrades and factory upgrades unlock are lowered (only for guns, dogs and cars)!
– New drop from fights – game extras. Every win against player have a chance to grant you a bonus reward – game extra (Battle Fury, Police Officer, Trainer, Mentor or Lady Magnet)!

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