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Winner of the game in StreetMobster with a prize Tablet


The number 201 was drawn by lottery and it was winning for account VénRóka. This lottery was monitored live by a large number of players. He won a brand new Tablet as a prize from our promotional game. Stay tuned for more surprises from us!

Please, do not give any personal data to people, who claim to be administrators.No game administrator will ever demand your skype or password, or will ask you to install any software on your computer!


What was the lottery about?

The next bonus campaign with a prize starts today and will continue until 20 November. One of all players, who used any extra from this page during the aforementioned period, will be awarded by us with a Tablet.

How to win? For the period from today till the end on 20 November you should have used at least one extra in the game from the following link: Besides helping you become more powerful, this will allow you to take part in our lottery for the grand prize Tablet.

How will the lottery take place?
To make things competely transparent, we will use this file, which is hosted on google drive. Since the game is up to 20 November, on 21 November we will determine who of all participants is the winner. The draw will take place at 18:00 on 21 November. Before that time, there are possible tests of the system, as the winner will be taken into consideration only if he gets drawn at exactly 18:00, not earlier. The winner will be announced in the game, for all the players, who were not able to monitor the draw live.

To participate for the prize, it is not necessary that the player made any payment to the game. Accounts, which have a permanent ban will be disqualified.

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